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Access Control System

Access Control System

Access Control System :

Access Control is a form of security systems that help protect and secure the place against theft incidents are for devices control the entry and exit by opening and closing the doors are Otometekiy and can use these devices in (schools, universities, hospitals, companies, homes, factories, warehouses, hotels, banks). Our company provides forms or accessories Access Control

Access Control

Is a form of Access Control are for plates independent control of the number one door and operate these paintings secret number or card and the most important thing that distinguishes these paintings could be connected to your computer in addition to the presence of internal memory is working to save the data when the power outage as they are working on 12-volt effort and we have them for many models with different specifications available

Magnetic-Door Lock

Kalon magnetic or electric Kalon is a form of Access Control in the entry and exit, and this type fits all types of doors, whether the doors of wood or glass doors or gates of iron or aluminum doors.

Card Readers

Is a form of Access control in and out are for reading magnetic units allow certain people to enter and do not allow other people to enter in the same place for so suitable for banks and big companies, and others.

Remote Control

Is a form of Access Control used to control the entry and exit remotely using remote control.

Road Blockers

For the protection of sensitive and high security installations at risk of a predetermined physical attack, Techno Sol Company a Kuwaiti manufacturing company has found the solutions for your safety. The TSCO Road-Blockers is a specially designed steel blockade for permanent installation in a reinforced concrete foundation.