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About Eagletech Company

Eagletech Co. Security Solutions and Information Technology

Eagle Tech, Ltd. a limited liability Establishment under Commercial Registration No. 4030246062 dated 25.06.1434 source Jeddah Eagle Tech, Ltd. was Established from the merger with Mefleh Altaama Est. for Trading and Contracting, which was established on 06.04.1401 which was based on the establishment of many government and The private sector projects the huge and the medium projects .

The most important objectives of the company

Eagle tech. Est. Technology Foundation of Computer and Information Technology, monitoring and remote control at the forefront of institutions and companies specialized in this field, which is committed to implementing the latest international standards and calibrated in the selection of hardware and spare parts suitable for medium to large projects.

This is in addition to the presence of specialized in this field, which attracts national and international staff, which is based on the achievement of the objectives and future plans of Directors. Foundation and includes highly qualified workers and engineers have in various civil, mechanical and electrical fields.

In order to maintain this level of quality and efficiency, we are working hard to provide full co-operation between different departments and employees of the company so that we are one team pushes the company forward

Our head office in Jeddah

We have the technical and labor experiences high for the implementation and management of large projects starting from design and planning to delivery .we Have huge technical capacity ranging from project managers, engineers and observers and even technical labor, which enables us to accomplish any project at the right time, taking into account the highest quality and efficiency standards

Technical expertise of the Working Group Corporation technical eagle and distinctive enable them to various project management

Take care of careful attention to industrial safety requirements by a large margin of safety and security of individuals and everyone who works in the Foundation's projects.

The automated control systems sector of the important sectors of the institution of technical eagle in addition to the security sector and the sector PABX systems and security systems and safety. For being the events of global systems where cares design and implementation of intelligent systems for buildings, hotels, factories, hospitals, water plants such projects in addition to the diversity of activities of the Foundation

Our way of working

The Project Management Foundation technical eagle on the implementation of specific projects in quality, time and cost agreed framework, organizes and manages internal and external resources using the most effective means for the benefit of the client and take full project responsibility management for design, manufacturing and supply in order to provide comprehensive support for the client

Department installations and technical support:

The department installed a hardware control panels and extension cables and hardware related process control, monitoring and conducting all tests the integrity of the connections to deliver the location of the project engineers to follow up on the site equipment procedures and also the Foundation provides technical and technical support for the client to use the systems and how to deal with it and follow up on all the system works and to provide the necessary support for the client

A quantum leap:

The beagle technical institution to cover all regions of the Kingdom in addition to the move to expand in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).Our unique and our counterparts are few ..

Our Client

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